The List


Yes, that list—the list of the names of former classmates that are no longer of this earthly world. The list is a big responsibility—and, as such, we share the burden with the interwebs. If you know of any names that should or, should not be included on this list—please let us know.

Cicero High School Class of 1983

We were fortunate to call them friends—they gave us memories to last a lifetime.

Byron Brothers

Myrle Capria

Keith Camidge

Gary Delattre

Kim Edick

Eugene DeRyke

Rob Gridley

Michelle Hirsch

Keith Hyde

Noelle Lynam

Doug Newell

Pat McNamara

Mike Mowins

Karen Norton

George Oshsner

Sara Percival Valenti

Christine Pugsley

Tim Richer

Mike Wilkinson

Shawn Wolfe

David Yukel

Please contact us with any corrections, comments, suggestions, or stories. 

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