Sandy Keller Napolitano

Eulogy for Sandy Keller Napolitano

July 6, 1965 – April 19, 2016

by Cindy Buckley Koren

I can’t remember a time when Sandy Napolitano was not my BEST friend. It all started when she joined the Bluebird troop that met at my house. Yup, Bluebirds. Seems like just yesterday we were walking to and from Smith Road Elementary School or riding our three speed bikes to Hamilton Swim Club… I remember Sandy’s dad rigged her bike up with curlicue handlebars so it would look “cool” —like real ten-speed. So, I — of course, copied that right away—I copied a lot of things from Sandy.

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I remember how intimidated I was of how cool her older brother and sister were and how much fun we all had riding in the back of Mr. Keller’s pick up truck with the speakers blasting and us girls bouncing around in the back — singing away at the top of our lungs. Music always seemed an important part of our times together. And it was music that got me… I was in my car on Tuesday. I was thinking and praying about Sandy and…. BAM — This song came on…and it got me bawling… You know the one…. It’s from the Breakfast Club.   Don’t Don’t Don’t – Don’t You Forget About Me….

I had to pull over.
And it hit me… The song was a sign. I realized, I wasn’t meant to talk about what Sandy WAS… I need to talk about what she IS – and Sandy Napolitano IS unforgettable. (more…)